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Believe in Goodness

I believe in people.

I believe in rule followers and hell raisers.

I believe in the dreamers and the realists and the people that fall somewhere in between.

I believe in those who hide themselves inside themselves, afraid of what may come.

I believe in fear.

I believe in darkness and light and all the grey area.

I believe in those who place their fears to the side in order to better support a friend.

I believe in the moment of panic that sets in before the moment of exact expertise.

I believe in talent.

I believe in using the talent for goodness.

I believe in those who push away the fear of falling in order to fly.

I believe that we can fly.

I believe in good.

I chose every day to see the good in every single person I meet.

Those I know.

Those I don’t.

Those who have harmed me and

those who have forever treated me with the utmost respect.

I chose to believe in them because those who need it the most often times are the ones who we feel deserve it the least.

I am a firm believer that you can love anybody once you know their story.

Learn their story.

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