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The Hump Day Challenge

I’ve heard that it takes 21 days to break a bad habit or 21 days to pick up a new one. Today is January 21st, 2015 and I wonder how far many of us have come on our New Year’s Resolutions. It’s been 21 days. Have you quit smoking? Kept to that gym schedule? Spent more time with family and friends?

Resolutions are tough. As I’ve alluded to in two previous blog posts [Check out 2014 & 2015 blogs], I tend to make more broad goals and tasks to work towards. I view the New Year as a time to really reevaluate my priorities and try to find ways to steer myself in the direction I want to go.

One thing I wanted to make sure I spent some quality time with this year was The Smile Project and one specific, tangible thing I wanted to accomplish was writing and posting a weekly blog for you incredible readers.

Unknowingly, I realized I has posted two Wednesday blogs to ring in 2015 and from there, decided I was committed. I wrote [BLOG] in purple pen in every Wednesday space of my planner for the rest of the year.

When I redid this website in the Spring of 2014, I added a blog feature—something I’ve always considered doing. However, I found myself often making excuses for why I always had so much to say, but nothing to post. Finally, in 2015, I’ve decided to make posting a weekly blog a part of my Wednesday schedule.

I’ve deemed this…

“The Hump Day Challenge.”

I fully understand that our lives are busy with never ending “To-Do” Lists, but what if you could set aside an hour every Wednesday to do something you’ve always wanted to do.

I’m not talking about a strict diet schedule or crazy habit breaking, but what if every Wednesday, you took some time to work on that thing you've been putting off for a while.

You know exactly what I’m talking about by “that thing.” Maybe it’s the empty scrapbook and shoebox of photos that’s been sitting under your bed for months. Wouldn’t that be nice to finish? Or that book that you’ve heard was really good that you have always wanted to dive into. Or what about volunteering at an after-school program? Even something as simple as a set of films you’ve always wanted to watch. That time commitment is a bit longer…but I’m only asking for Wednesday.

There are 49 Wednesdays left in 2015.

Imagine how much you could accomplish if you gave yourself a small pocket of time, in one day of the week, to pursue something you’ve always been passionate about.

A few weeks ago everybody was all set on making 2015 “their year.”

How’s that going?

This doesn’t have to be a life-altering resolution.

I’m asking for Wednesdays. I’m asking you to find a dream and give it some time. It’s only January 21st.

You have 49 days.

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