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Compliment your Mirror

The other day, I was looking for obscure holidays for a project when I stumbled upon this one, to be celebrated on July 3rd 2015: “*National Compliment your Mirror Day.”

At first I kept scrolling but I don’t even think I was at July 6th before I stopped and processed what I had just read. I went to another site [referenced below] which breaks down the day as follows:

“Annually celebrated on July 3, it is National Compliment Your Mirror Day. Find the closest mirror, take a look in it and compliment the person that you see!! Examples of what you can tell him/her are: you look great!, you are awesome!, you are doing a super job!, you are very kind!, you are going to have a good day today! and etc..”

What a grand idea! Think about it. When was the last time you indulged in some positive self-talk? With all the New Year’s Resolutions being thrown around this time of year, it is easy to reflect on everything that went wrong. It’s easy to think about all your short comings in an attempt to find areas upon which to improve. And while there is nothing wrong with looking at ways to improve you, some of us take it too far.

I think it’s really important to not only look at what we can work on, but also to acknowledge all the little things we do right. This odd ball holiday is supposed to be celebrated on July 3rd but what about the rest of the year?

What if every day we woke up, splashed water on our faces, looked in the mirror at our sleepy self and thought, “You’re good at the board game Risk. That’s a cool talent. Now go have a wonderful day.”

I know that sounds a bit silly, but you get my point. If we all engaged in a little more positive self-talk imagine how far that would take us.

We become what we constantly hear. If you do nothing but bad-mouth yourself, eventually you’ll fall into those expectations. But set yourself up for greatness and the possibilities are endless.

It doesn’t matter that a new year lurks just around the corner or if you stumble upon this blog months from now. Make that change. Look in the mirror as you wash your hands and smile. Find one good thing and make the routine a habit. I imagine your life will change for the better in a few days.

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