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Year 4 Kick-Off and Joy Week

It's been 3 years...

Day 1097:

Happiness is.. indescribable. On November 9th 2011, I posted a status beginning with ‘Day One…” as though I knew I was going to post a day 2, 3, 4…1097. For the past three years you fantastic people have allowed me to try to describe something that is truly inexpressible.

I was working on a speech the other day and I was trying to throw sample ‘Happiness is..’ into the mix. For some reason, I thought of chocolate ice cream. I hate chocolate ice cream. But to so many people, chocolate ice cream is happiness. And that’s what I find most interesting about The Smile Project. Some things are so inherently different for people, yet other things appear as universal truths.

I’m going to leave you with one of those well-established facts:

Happiness is not the same for everyone.

I’m going to add one more with a challenge:

Happiness can be found in everything. Find yours.

Joy Week:

To kick off Year 4, I'm asking everyone to join me in Joy Week. I'm hoping everyone who has been impacted by The Smile Project can find some way to participate. Here's the breakdown for the week: Monday: Calling everyone with a Smile Project shirt! Wear your shirt and post a picture showing us what makes you happy. Tell a friend about The Smile Project and help us #SpreadTheSmile! Tuesday: Westminster Compliments is a social media platform that doubles as Facebook friend. It allows students to send anonymous compliments about their peers. Since the page has been kind of quiet lately, let's flood it. Send in five compliments over the course of the day. If you don't attend Westminster, consider starting a forum like this at your school or university. Wednesday: Do some small act of kindness today. Whether that involves buying lunch for a stranger, leaving notes of encouragement in library books, or helping someone study, you have no idea the kind of impact we'd have if everyone took some time out of their day for this. Thursday: **World Kindness Day** Write a letter of gratitude to a friend or family member who has had a great impact on your life. Mail it. Friday: Give your best friend a big hug today. Unless hugs aren't your thing.. in which case a "High-Five" is just as awesome! No matter where you are this upcoming week, help us share joy and help us #SpreadTheSmile. Thanks again and love always, Liz

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