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Celebrate Every Day Like it's Your Halloween

This morning, after a less-than-good night’s sleep, I was summoned by the incessant beeping of a device designed to ruin my days. And by that I mean I was pretty tired when my alarm went off this morning. That grogginess lasted for about twenty seconds as I silenced the high-pitched noise blaring in my ear. Then I realized something:

It’s Halloween!

To say I was excited is an understatement. I shot up into the bed, my eyes no longer crusty and drenched in sleep. “It’s Halloween…” I whispered.

I proceeded to jump out of bed, pulling up a playlist of Halloween classics to dance to as I donned my orange pants and pumpkin socks. In between verses of the Monster Mash and Purple People Eater I could feel my excitement for the day rising.

It’s Halloween.

Then I got to thinking…

Yes, it is Halloween, and yes, when I woke up I had a reason to celebrate. But shouldn’t I celebrate every morning when I wake up. Shouldn’t every morning be some variety of:

“Oh boy! I’m awake and I'm alive and I can’t wait to see what this day has in store for me!”

We shouldn’t need to wait for one of our favorite holidays to celebrate. We shouldn’t need a reason to be completely and utterly joyous. We shouldn’t face every morning as a mundane routine.

We get excited for birthdays or Christmas. Maybe it’s the concert we’ve been looking forward to all summer or the day we finally get to see our best friend who lives out of state. We’ve all been there and those are all wonderfully exciting moments and days when you can’t get out of bed quick enough.

But what about every other day? What about the day full of classes or tests? The day with more commitments than can fit on the front side of your “To-Do List?” What about those days when all the odds seem stacked against you?

Those are the days you need to celebrate. Because if we woke up every morning as though it were your “Halloween.” Imagine how much better the day would be. Imagine all the possibilities. Imagine finding joy and peace and serenity in every moment.

Imagine waking up like every day was the one you’ve been waiting for.

In a way, it simply is.

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