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You Are Flawed

You are flawed.

Yes, you.

You are not perfect.

You can be selfish or arrogant or impatient.

You have struggles and burdens and enough skeletons in your closet to start a museum.

You are broken.

Keep reading. Because I have to let you in a little secret… so is everybody else. And you want to hear something else?

You are amazing.

Yes, you.

You don’t have to be perfect.

You can be silly or abrasive or immature.

You have stories and scars and enough fight in you to win every battle.

You are perfectly wounded.


To pretend that we live in an ideal world without hurt, pain, or suffering would be ludicrous. I’m not that naïve. But to pretend we live in a world where we have to be defined by our struggles is even crazier.

I’m currently taking an Accounting course which is a bit of a struggle for me. However the other day the professor explained something that made sense beyond the Owner’s Equity account of a business.

“Everything has a beginning. Something you add, something you lose, and everything has an end.”

Think of something that you’ve struggled with. Maybe it came out of nowhere or maybe it was like an ever-churning storm, growing stronger and stronger as you sat and watched with despair. Think of the troubles that seemed to stack upon the storm, adding debris to the hurricane and chaos to the people.

But now look at the other side. Think of the moment when the rain stopped, even if only for a moment. Think about how things slowly seemed to resolve themselves. Think about how things got better. Think about how, fortunately or not, everything will someday end.

Maybe you are still in that storm. Maybe you are bitter and hurt and maybe you can’t see the light. Maybe all you see is additions of problems and pain and sadness.

And that’s okay.

I know that life can’t fit into a simple math equation. I know that nothing is that simple. But I also know that you are strong. And this storm will end. And you may be weathered and beaten and tired and broken. But this storm will end.

And you beautiful wind-torn people will be okay because you had the strength to fight on and win.

Because you will win.

Because you are not perfect.

But you are so perfectly wounded.

And that is enough.

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