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50 Easy Tips for Happy Daily Living

It's impossible, nowadays to scroll through social media without seeing a slew of blog posts similar to this one. Yet, despite the frequency, sometimes, these short one-liners are exactly what we need to hear. Hope you enjoy The Smile Project's quick tips for daily life:

  1. Stop being afraid.

  2. Stop worrying about what other people think about you.

  3. Do worry about how you view yourself.

  4. View yourself with positivity and patience.

  5. Nobody is perfect.

  6. Tomorrow is another day.

  7. That doesn’t mean today can’t be perfect.

  8. If you believe every day has the potential to be the new best day of your life, I can promise you things will start to look up.

  9. Smile at a stranger.

  10. Smile at a friend.

  11. Smile at everyone.

  12. Be bold.

  13. Take risks.

  14. Step outside of your comfort zone.

  15. Stop listening to the critics.

  16. Stop being your own biggest critic.

  17. The world will be busy enough putting you down, you mustn’t add to their task.

  18. Dream.

  19. Let go of ambition and fear and anything else that is holding you down.

  20. Surround yourself with positive and uplifting people.

  21. Let go of anything that doesn’t make you completely joyous.

  22. Recognize that you deserve to be completely joyous.

  23. Do not complain about the weather.

  24. Do not complain about the traffic.

  25. Do not complain about things that are out of your control.

  26. Dance in the rain. Splash through the puddles.

  27. Sing along to the radio.

  28. Laugh.

  29. Go on an adventure.

  30. Plan a trip—even if it’s a small day trip to the neighboring town.

  31. Get lost. Turn left twice, right six times, and take the first left after that. See where it takes you.

  32. Find the beauty in the world.

  33. Find the beauty in your enemies.

  34. Find the beauty in yourself.

  35. Forgive your enemies.

  36. Forgive yourself.

  37. Breathe.

  38. Sit outside at night and watch the stars.

  39. Wave at the walkers and runners at the local park.

  40. Say “I love you.”

  41. Mean it.

  42. Understand your past but know that it does not define you.

  43. Count your blessings.

  44. Stop waiting for a better time. The time is now.

  45. Think of what you can do today.

  46. Make a difference in the life of a stranger.

  47. Volunteer.

  48. Recognize your worth. You have worth.

  49. Fall in love with your life…

  50. Shine.

Let us know... what are your quick tips for a beautiful life?

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