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Only Boring People Get Bored

When I remind my friends at big city schools of where I attend college, the usual question that follows is “New Wilming-where?” When they eagerly tell me about the star studded comedian or pop sensation that came to their school, I’ll absentmindedly nod my head before throwing in a side story about the two Amish buggies I saw racing last Saturday. This is usually followed by a glance that says, “You need to get out more,” and an apologetic smile that boldly persists, “but really, what do you do at Westminster?” Having been at this school for a year, I’ve heard plenty of complaints about our quiet little town and our small-sized school. However one complaint that I will never feel any sympathy for is the age-old whine: “I’m bored,” or the ever classic, “there’s nothing to do here on the weekends.” Quite frankly, I beg to differ.

Now don’t stop reading, I promise I’m not about to burst into a lecture on all the events Campus Programming Council and Student Government Association host. I won’t drudge on about the 85 clubs or the countless volunteer opportunities that come from being in and around New Wilmington. Yet the simple fact of the matter is, you don’t even need all that.

While I am aware our campus isn’t exactly situated in New York City, I also firmly believe in the following statement: You cannot expect life to always entertain you. The world owes us nothing. Sometimes, you just have to have the right friends. You need to meet the people who can have fun doing anything. You need to find the people who don’t need a constant stream of entertainment to be happy. All of my favorite memories from the past year aren’t defined by what I was doing—instead by who I with. After all, it’s not about how you spend your time—it’s about with whom you spend it.

One day in eighth grade, my homeroom teacher walked in and silently taped a poster to the wall reading, “only boring people get bored.” Naturally, as a stubborn thirteen-year-old I basically vowed to never admit to being bored again—regardless of how much I didn’t care for the upcoming algebra lesson. At that point, I decided to see the fun in every activity—no matter how mundane, and once you change your perspective, you’ve essentially changed your life. Knowing that there is always “stuff” you can do is perhaps what makes life so exciting. Your work here is never done. If you see New Wilmington as a sleepy town, then perhaps that is all it will ever be. Yet if you view our small community as an adventure, I can almost promise you you’ll find one.

So to those of you who will still fight me on the excitement of Westminster College, I say to you: get involved. Go outside. Climb a tree. Plan a movie night, a game night, a “stay-up-til-4-am-talking-about-boys” night. Read a book. Take up knitting. Plan an event. Paint a picture. Write a story. Learn to juggle. Heck, better yourself as a person. There is so much to do in this world. When it comes down to it, you really aren’t that bored… just lazy.

I should stop now before I make too many enemies calling people lazy. But in all seriousness—go enjoy life. I promise you it doesn’t last forever.

Love always,


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