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Halfway to New Year’s Eve

Regular readers of this blog know that New Year’s Eve is my favorite holiday. Yet every time the day rolls around I find myself completely shocked at how the last 12 months have gone by in a blip.

Maybe you feel like June just began. Maybe you feel like you’ve lived 100 Junes. But either way, in a few days, it’s July and we’ll be halfway to 2025. And that, I’ve decided, means it's time for a check-in. 

Did you make a New Year’s Resolution? Did you make a vague list of goals? Do you have a word you’re trying to live into during these 365 days?

How are you feeling on the 178th day?

It’s easy to get to the end of the year in a blink and look back on all the things you said you’d do or the person you said you’d be. 

So here’s our mid-year review. How are you feeling?

What did you want to accomplish this year? Are you sure it’s too late? Are you really sure? What if you start right now?

Is there someone you wanted to connect with more this year? Why don’t you give them a call? Or at least a text.

Were you trying to read more books or make more meals at home? Is there an easy thing you can do right now to help you get started with that tomorrow? Do you have an active library card? Can you ask a friend to send you their favorite simple recipe?

Was more adventure on your list? Is there a different way you can get to your job or your school tomorrow? Can you do something as simple as brushing your teeth with your opposite hand or sleeping in a different direction in the bed? Breaking routine can do wonders for a dusty mind.

Are you looking for a new job? Do you need someone to review your resume?

What about spending time outdoors? Can you make a plan to go for a walk in your neighborhood this weekend?

Are you trying to get your finances in order? Is there anything you can do right now to jump start this? 

Are you doing okay? I mean really. Are you doing okay?

I hope you feel proud of yourself as we close out the sixth month of the year. You may not be where you thought you’d be. Or you may be living your wildest dreams. 

I hope in either case you take a moment to pause and be grateful for exactly this moment.

Because in six months, confetti will fall in Times Square and we’ll wonder where the year went. 

My friends, the year is now. 

Your life is happening now. 

Best try to enjoy it.


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