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What We Want More of in 2024 & Advice to Get There: A Community Post

At the end of last year, in a reflective mood, I posed some questions on The Smile Project’s Instagram account. I was really touched by the thoughtful answers people offered and, with their permission, I’m going to share their words. Keep reading to see what we want more of in this new year and some of our favorite advice to keep us inspired all year long. 

What’s something you want more of in 2024?

Time in the kitchen


Compassion for others

Adventure—need to get that dad lore in for my future kids

Clear morning routines and workout routines

Spread more kindness

What’s the best advice you received last year?

Grief and all that it comes with is not something to be ashamed of <3

You can't do it all; it's better to be living selfishly than existing for everyone but yourself

Either do what you said or damage your integrity 

The everyday life you have is enough and you don't have to justify your life plan 


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