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Trade Offs

I’m not the biggest fan of summer because I don’t like the heat. But I do love the winding evenings where you can squeeze sun until the 9:00 PM hour.

I generally enjoy winter because I love the soft snowfalls and hot chocolate dates. But I also mumble through what seems like endless darkness as the days grow shorter and shorter.

On the first day of autumn, I find myself thinking a lot about transitions… but more than that, trade offs. I lose daylight. I gain crisp air. Some of these exchanges are forced. The sun will rise tomorrow whether you’re ready for it or not.

But so many of our trade offs and exchanges are self-created. And there’s always an opportunity cost.

What are you prioritizing now that you don’t need to be? Do you need to give it that level of importance?

Even still, what is something you really want? Do your actions reflect that? Are you pouring into it what you hope to get out?

We casually make a thousand trade offs a day on simple things like what clothing to wear, food to eat, or songs to play.

Don’t let these distract you from knowing what big trade offs you're making as well.

Are you living in a way that moves you closer to what you want? Are you making trades that you can justify? What aren’t you willing to compromise on? How are you going to get there?

Love always,



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