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Things That Look Like Love: Part 2

This is the second installment of a series of blog posts about things that look like love. If there’s one thing I’ve learned through 12+ years of recording daily joys, it’s that what you see is what you look for. But I’m not looking for love in the obvious places. I’m looking for simple reminders of love in all its forms. I hope you enjoy this new series. And I hope you feel inspired to look for love too (and to share it with us if you’d like!)

A Series of Rugs

Love looks like a series of photographs of a new rug on a bedroom floor in different orientations, a shared decision from afar.

A Dog and a Dog and a Dog

Love looks like a collection of household items based on a specific theme or idea or location or animal, a dog with a dog toy with a dog coffee mug.

A Show You Don’t Watch

Love looks like a photograph of merchandise from a show you don’t watch but a thing you recognize only from listening to someone you love talk about it.

A Missing Cherry

Love looks like going the extra mile on the holiday tradition and adding red ornaments/lights to the cinnamon roll Christmas tree. Love looks like the smeared red on the trunk because to really commit to the magic of the thing, you need to have a plain undecorated tree trunk.


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