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Tea Reflections

Regular readers of this blog might know a few things about me. I love tea, I love running, and I love early mornings. Put together, I love how extra delicious a hot tea tastes after an early morning run and a cooling shower.

Recently, I was drinking tea in my quiet apartment and reading the New York Times. I still had about an hour before the start of the work day and I was determined to relax my way into it. With about 75% of my mug still filled, my mind jumped to whether or not I’d have time to drink this cup of tea and start the kettle again for a second cup of (decaf this time) tea before work began.

At this thought, I had to put my phone down and realize what my mind had just done.

Here I was. It was a quiet morning in my apartment. I was enjoying a cup of tea and reading the news—one of my favorite morning activities. And I was already thinking of the next cup of tea?

What a shame.

What a shame to be thinking about the tea that comes next when I could be enjoying the tea I had cupped in my hands at that moment.

What a shame to think about everything but what you’re doing in the moment.

What a shame to not sip slowly and savor every second.

Of tea. Of life.


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