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Service Spotlight: Bundles of Kindness

Bundles of Kindness is a community project based in Los Angeles, CA and founded by Rachael Rosenberg (the younger sister of a dear personal friend). I am so inspired by Rachael and her work and am so excited to share it with you all in this week’s #ServiceSpotlight. There are also lots of great ways to get involved so make sure you read all the whole post to find out how you can support!

Liz: Tell me about Bundles of Kindness.

Rachael: Bundles of Kindness is a community project that I created in December 2018 to help people living in Los Angeles who are homeless. Bundles of Kindness was created to provide comprehensive care packages to people in Los Angeles who are homeless. I deliver each and every bundle personally, accompanied by at least one adult. Bundles of Kindness' mission is to provide basic necessities, while offering human interaction, dignity, love, and kindness to people who are homeless.

Liz: What is the driving force behind what you do?

Rachael: Los Angeles has a crisis! It is scary to think about the fact that the number of people who are homeless in Los Angeles is growing. In June, the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority estimated that there were 66,436 people who are homeless in Los Angeles County. One of the consequences of COVID-19 is that there have been and will be more people who lose their jobs and will ultimately end up without housing.

Liz: What does service mean to you?

Rachael: To me, service means helping people in the way you would want to be helped. It is really important to me that each and every recipient of my bundles feel as if I am taking the time to recognize that they are no different from me. They are humans who have feelings, emotions, and needs that must be fulfilled. Each person I meet is a parent or child. I make a special effort to listen to the stories people want to share or to exchange a smile.

Liz: How can people get involved?

Rachael: There are numerous ways people can support Bundles of Kindness:

  1. People can watch my progress in helping others by following me on social media. I can be found on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

  2. Those who would like to make a donation to Bundles of Kindness can do so through the Bundles of Kindness Amazon Wish List.

  3. Those who would like to knit or crochet scarves are welcome to donate them by reaching out to me at

  4. Individuals and organizations are needed to host collections. Ideal collection items include: blankets, umbrellas (new or gently used), gloves, scarves, hats, underwear (new), feminine and dental hygiene products, and hand warmers.

Liz: Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Rachael: You can read more about this project on ABC and The Patch.

Liz: Do you have a favorite quote to leave us with?

“You never really know the true impact you have on those around you. You never know how much someone needed that smile you gave them. You never know how much your kindness turned someone's entire life around. You never know how much someone needed that long hug or deep talk. So don't wait to be kind. Don't wait for someone else to be kind first. Don't wait for better circumstances or for someone to change. Just be kind, because you never know how much someone needs it.”

—Nikki Banas


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