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Normalize Being Mediocre at Things

I know how to knit. At some point in college, I taught myself how to knit. Well, I know how to knit a scarf, which is basically a straight line. I’ve knit a number of scarves and even finished a scarf that my dad had started in his younger years.

I’m not particularly great at knitting. I don’t know how to make a sweater or socks. But I like the meditative task of knit one, purl two.

I’m sure with a little time and effort, I could learn how to knit more technical patterns or designs. But the truth is, I don’t really want to. I like being able to knit straight line scarves. And I don’t feel the calling to do more.

There are things I am constantly seeking to improve myself in. And then there are things I’m okay just being okay at. And that’s, well, that’s okay.

You can be mediocre at a thing and still love it. Heck, you can be terrible at a thing and still have a great time (as anyone who has watched me flail around to a wedding band can attest to).

But I think we get caught up sometimes, in this continual seeking of self-improvement, that we forget that it’s okay to just be okay.

This week, we invite you to lean into the things that you’re so-so at. The things that you like doing that might not take up your whole time and energy. Be okay with being okay at those and save your energy and passion for the thing that really lights a fire under you. And then? Make a little space for that.


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