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If You Carry It Well

I am talking to a friend who by all conventional standards is “successful.” They are at the top of their field and they are deeply passionate about what they do. To all outward appearances, they are truly “living the dream.” They are put together and on top of things. They are kind and understanding. They seem to effortlessly balance career and family and friendships and volunteering and hobbies and…

I know how hard they work because I have peeked behind the scenes. And in those scenes, we’ve discussed the best ice cream flavor to cry into and how frustrating it can be when your body is physically drained and your mind won’t quiet down long enough to let you sleep.

My friend is brilliant in every sense of the word. And still the world can be daunting.

There’s a quote I’ve seen floated around for years (that even after attentive searching I cannot find a source to attribute it to). It says: “Just because someone carries it well, doesn’t mean it’s not heavy.”

A note for this week: check on those who carry it well.

Love always,



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