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So We Call it Grace

On a video call last month, discussing the things that are keeping us inspired right now when a friend’s reflection across the screen says, “what if nothing is?” We shrug. We feel it too. We talk about the ebbs and flows of what has turned into an unprecedented and uncertain year and talk about how our own emotions seem to fluctuate on the daily between hope for the future and a whole lot of “WTF?!”

That’s when another friend explains that, since working remote and staying home, they have adopted a daily yoga practice. They said they found a lot of value in that.

Another friend immediately piped up. They said that, since working remote and staying home, they had given up their yoga practice. And they felt really good about that.

So we call it grace.

There have been days over the past several months where I feel next-level unstoppable. I run and do yoga before breakfast. I study Spanish on my lunch break. I am laser-focused on my job and I spend my evening pursuing my hobbies and Smile Project tasks.

And then there are days when I don’t really want to get out of bed. I barely brush my hair before plopping in front of my computer. Days where I don’t feel like I’m being the best employee or the best friend or the best anything really. Days where, when they end, I feel totally and completely exhausted from a busy day of… nothing.

So we call it grace.

There’s no right way to feel right now. But there is a right way to react to that feeling. And it starts with acceptance.

If you’re angry? Great! Be angry. Scream into the pillow. Write an angry letter (but maybe don’t send it). Call a friend you can rant to. Let yourself be really freaking angry.

If you’re sad? Great! Be sad. Make a cup of tea or coffee or something that feels like comfort. Hide in your pajamas under the blankets. Listen to your favorite song. Call someone you love and cry. Let yourself feel that deep sadness.

If you’re happy? Great! Be happy. Dance while you make breakfast. Play a game with someone you live with. Help out a stranger. Take that energy for a walk. Let yourself be totally and completely joyous.

And if you’re all three plus seventeen thousand more in the same hour? Great! Let it be.

And we’ll call it grace.

This is a pretty tricky time to be a human being. And perhaps all of time has been. But you’re still here. And in some way, shape, or form, you are showing up every single day. And you’re giving it your best - even if your best doesn’t look the same from day to day.

So give yourself a little grace.

You’re doing alright.

Love always,


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