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Prescription for a Perfect Day

In addition to running The Smile Project, yours truly works full time for an amazing education nonprofit. I absolutely love my job, my colleagues, and so on, but when our executive director said our (virtual) office would be closed last Friday, I immediately wondered how I would spend that time.

That’s what encouraged me to turn to The Smile Project community on Instagram. I was curious to hear from others about what makes a day great. These are your thoughts and words, slightly edited and reorganized in the name of poetry. Thank you for allowing me to share them:

Waking up early enough to catch the sunrise

Sleeping in and not setting an alarm

The perfect day starts with a healthy breakfast

My perfect day is eating raw cookie dough and never changing out of my pajamas

Drinking coffee and reading a good book

My favorite comfy clothes outfit

Three words: scary movie marathon

Spending time with my partner

Spending time with my best friend

Spending time with my family

Spending time by myself

Finishing a big project at work

Definitely not going to work

Catching up on my favorite television shows

Rock climbing



Going to the gym

Feeling stronger and happier than I did the day before

Good people, good food, good weather, no stress, and happy vibes

Trying a new recipe for dinner

Eating one of my favorite comfort meals


Sweet tea

A glass of wine

Lots and lots of laughter

My baby sleeping through the night

Saying “I love you” and meaning it

Hearing “I love you” and knowing they mean it

Another chance to get it do the right thing

I read through people’s responses, smiling at the marvelous inconsistencies of what each of us finds inherently beautiful. I realized it could all be summed up by this answer: Doing all of the things that make YOU happy.

Our perfect days don’t look the same. Heck, our own definition of a perfect day probably looks different each week. But if we can focus on what makes us happy and keep the memory there, maybe, we’ll build a lifetime of really, really, wonderful days.

Love always,


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