If You Ever Get the Chance

February 23, 2020

I didn’t like them. I didn’t like them because they’d hurt me. I didn’t like them because they’d hurt me and most people have that honest reaction to people who have hurt them. I didn’t like them and at the same time, I knew it didn’t matter. 


I was recently in a situation where I was asked to comment on a person’s professional work and character. For a moment, this wave of pettiness and revenge took over me. Not a flattering thing to have to admit. For a moment, I realized I could discredit this person in a snap. I thought how nice that might feel. 


But then I took a step back. 


I remembered a quote by Najwa Zebian I had tacked to my bulletin board in college:


“If you ever get the chance to treat them the way they treated you, I hope you choose to walk away and do better.”


And I won’t say I immediately did the right thing. I did have a conversation with the devil on my shoulder. But I kept coming back to that quote.


I hope you choose to walk away and do better. 


There are a lot of times in my life where I haven’t walked away, haven’t done better. But recently, I took a deep breath and talked up this person. I spoke about them like I might speak about a best friend. 


And the thing is? That felt better than the low road. That felt like growth. That felt like healing. 


Choose to walk away and do better. Not just for them, but for you. You deserve that peace.


Love always,





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