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Nonprofit Resource Alert: Digital Butter

Every day I am reminded of the many ways people choose to serve. I feel so grateful to have stumbled across many organizations, corporations, for-profit businesses, and individuals who are dedicated to serving and supporting the missions of nonprofit organizations - even if they themselves don’t work for or run one.

That’s how I felt when I connected with Robyn Mays of Digital Butter, a South African marketing agency. She and co-founder Richard Eltringham are dedicated to advancing the missions of nonprofits and I feel so fortunate to share with you all a great resource they are offering for our nonprofit community.

Liz: Let’s start in traditional Smile Project fashion. Give me a “Happiness is.”

Robyn: "Happiness is.. watching all our work come together for good by growing businesses or growing nonprofits!

Liz: Tell me about Digital Butter.

Robyn: We are a digital marketing agency based in South Africa focusing on helping businesses and nonprofits find, retain and engage clients online so they can grow.

If you are like most small to medium-sized business owners today, you are working overtime to run your company and grow your revenue. You work hard to provide the best services for your customers every day, but you struggle to get the word out. You can’t hire for every skill, so you end up wearing multiple hats. You’re so busy that you’re constantly putting out fires instead of building strategies to gain new clients and increase revenue. You’re so close to your work, that you find it hard to explain in a compelling way — and you know your lack of clarity is costing you money.

We know how you feel. And we’re here to help. We started Digital Butter to help companies just like yours create a clear message, reach more customers and reclaim your time. When we become part of your team, we apply everything we know about digital marketing, social media and branding to help your company stand out with a clear message and compelling brand that will move your customers to action. We have helped national and international companies of all sizes — from startups to global organizations looking to grow.

You can count on us to:

● Create and implement proven strategies that help you find, retain

and engage more customers online

● Build beautiful websites that convert visitors into customers

● Use social media to create engaging content that encourages

meaningful interactions and builds a community behind your


● Create a consistent and compelling brand that instills confidence in

your customers that they’re in good hands

● Treat your business with the care, attention and love as if it was our

own so you have trusted counsel by your side

The result?

You’ll be confident knowing your marketing is in good hands. You’ll have more time for the important things only you can do. And your company will be on a path to growing in revenue and impact.

Liz: What resource can you provide nonprofits right now?

Robyn: We have a free LinkedIn workshop available for nonprofits which isd focused on helping you improve your PERSONAL LinkedIn profile so that you can leverage that profile to grow your nonprofit. You can help us #SpreadTheWord about it by sending this to a friend or sign up for yourself by clicking the link here.

Liz: What is the driving force behind what you do?

Robyn: We love to serve people and we're big business and marketing nerds! We started Digital Butter because we wanted to use our passion to help small businesses and nonprofits grow.

Liz: Do you have a favorite quote?

Robyn: Saw this yesterday and loved it:

“Social impact isn't bad for business. It's the future of business."

- Phillip Haid

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