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One Night in New York City

Sitting. I spent over 16 hours this weekend sitting. The road trip officially ended in western Pennsylvania on Thursday, August 16th. I got the idea in my head to go to New York City for one night (Saturday, August 18th). The trip really needed to come full circle.

Oh, that and my mega talented older brother was hosting an album release party for his debut album 80%. It’s an incredible listen that you can check out on Spotify here.

I caught the bus Saturday morning and for the first time this summer, didn’t have to think about merging onto traffic or looking at the GPS. I closed my eyes. I looked out the window. I thought.

When he first mentioned the party as I rattled up the west coast, I told him I wanted to come. It was perfect. I would be so fatigued from the trip that sleeping all day on a bus would serve me well. And it did. But more than just having eight hours of mandatory bus napping, going back to New York City – even just for one night, allowed me to really wrap the trip in a formal way.

While the official start and end of the road trip was Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and while the rental car did come from the region as well, New York City started the Kindness Links. I owe a lot to New York and the way it forced me to grow up and taught me to be tough and made me fight for the things I believe in. New York turned me into the person I am today and returning to that city after 56 days of America felt like the closure I needed from the wild adventure.

Sitting. I spent over 16 hours sitting on a bus this weekend. Sitting and reflecting and wondering where exactly I go now. And the truth is? I don’t really know. But I know it will be an adventure. And that’s enough to get me started.

Love always,


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