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On Getting Unstuck

Sometimes, I have a million and ones things I want to write about during the week. I have a thousand ideas for posts and a hundred half completed sentences and sticky notes dangling around my computer.

Sometimes, I’m on a writing roll.

And then sometimes, I don’t really have anything I want to say. I don’t really have anything I feel especially called to talk about or anything that I need to write about with a pressing urgency.

It comes and goes in waves, I suppose.

And I don’t necessarily think it’s a bad thing – to not have anything to say, that is. I don’t think it’s a bad thing to not be sure what to write about or what to do next. I think the bad thing, though, would be to do nothing.

It’s easy to be stuck in this mindset of being stuck. It’s easy to feel trapped or lost or just kind of “meh.”

But “meh” isn’t an excuse for giving up.

Instead of falling into the trap of “writer’s block,” I’m forcing myself to sit down and do the exact thing I don’t know how to do. Instead of falling into the trap of “I can’t,” I’m forcing myself to do the thing that feels hard. To do it without fear of failure or negative consequence. To sit down with a pen and a notebook and just write without thinking for ten minutes. To write ten minutes of honest truth and see what happens.

Start there.

You might get unstuck faster than you think.

Love always,


Love always,


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