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When You Cannot Save All - Save One

One of the perks of always having a notebook on me is that I’m able to jot down whatever thoughts come into my mind at any given time – usually with the intention of expanding upon them at a later date.

However, this note that I took last Sunday at church is so simple and so pure I am choosing to post it as is (with the addition of current event links in the beginning).

Enjoy some unedited musings:


There are so many issues in the world...

- war

And sometimes it is absolutely paralyzing to me. Sometimes, it stresses me out and I get scared and I want to run away and hide and cry. And sometimes, I want to quit.

Because what do I do? Post silly sayings and write stories about Happiness?

Maybe that’s okay. I may not be able to reverse deforestation.

But I can make someone smile.

Just because I can’t save everyone, doesn’t mean I can’t save one.

Just because I can’t do it all, doesn’t mean I can’t do anything.

If I can make one person smile, then I am doing what I set out to do.

Don’t be paralyzed by what you cannot do. Be energized by all that you can.

Love always,


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