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Joy Week 2015: Challenge 2 - Support Charity

Today’s Joy Week Challenge deals directly in charity.

A few years ago, a new idea was proposed. After the chaos and consumerism of Black Friday a campaign like Giving Tuesday was proposed to give back to a favorite charity. The idea stuck. According to the Giving Tuesday website, since its initiation, there have been more than 30,000 partners across 68 countries participating in the day and a nearly 500 percent increase in online charitable donations on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. But why wait until December 1st?

Today, I’m urging you to donate to a cause or at the very least, tell someone about it. Why is it special to you? What do you wish people knew about it? Post a link to the organizations website and in addition to the usual hashtags, include #GivingTuesday.

Today is a lesson in mini activism. Do you accept the challenge?

For more information, visit:

My own personal response to the challenge?

My ‪#‎GivingTuesday‬ goes out to NO MORE, a unifying symbol and campaign to raise public awareness and engage bystanders around ending domestic violence and sexual assault.

NO MORE is not an independent nonprofit, but rather a collaboration of groups that works through a fiscal sponsor. Therefore, my Giving Tuesday is unique in that NO MORE directs individual donations and any profit generated from the sale of products to partner organizations in the direct service, advocacy, and prevention field. Click the link to read more about the organizations they support:

Despite the fact that they are more overreaching then a singular simple cause, I still chose them as my Giving Tuesday because this cause is very near to my heart. Not only is it Joy Week, but it’s also the It’s On Us National Week of Action. This is a country-wide campaign aimed at eliminating sexual assault and violence on college campuses.

Having gone through official training to become a Sexual Assault Task Force member during my sophomore year of college, and having been able to speak with and support various people as a result, I am aware of how important these types of programs are. It is never easy to leave an abusive situation. Organizations like NO MORE are providing people with the resources they need to take the next step to healthier life. For more information, visit:

Until tomorrow..

Love always,


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