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Time to Wake Up

I was reading a book last month by Jessica Pryce-Jones called Happiness at Work: Maximizing your Psychological Capital for Success. On a certain page there was a list of responses that people in various industries had answered. The question was:

“How do you want to make a difference at work?”

Most answers were tailored to occupation. The janitor was grateful for the opportunity to keep a hospital clean and tidy and to protect ill children from germ ridden illnesses. One answer in particular stood out to me:

“By helping people wake up.”

I immediately thought of an anesthesiologist or doctor of some kind. Then I read who actually said the quote.

Henry Shukman, poet and author, U.S.A.

How lovely is that? Perhaps that doesn’t mean much to those who haven’t long aspired to write. But I still think it should mean something to those who have had the opportunity to read…which is all of you.

What was the first children’s book that made you cry? When was the last time you reread those pages?

I just turned to the group of people I’m currently sitting with and asked them what their favorite children’s book was. Immediately, we started brainstorming.

What about Where the Wild Things Are?

Did you ever read the Series of Unfortunate Events?

I LOVED Shel Silverstein... The Berenstain Bears... There was an Old Lady who Swallowed a Fly…

There’s something phenomenally beautiful about words and their ability to shape our lives. This isn’t a traditional blog post. This is me asking to hear from you.

What would you like to see from The Smile Project in these next few weeks in regards to blog posts? Is there anything you would want to read about? Any topic I should attempt to uncover?

I want to hear from you. Reach out! I’m always ready, willing, and eager to hear new ideas.

Let’s wake up!

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