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Back to the College: Spring 2015

For those of you, with which I am not formally acquainted, let me begin this blog with a bit of background.

It is January 14, 2015 at 2:10 pm and where I currently stand—and by stand, I mean sit—is in a cozy dorm room at a small liberal arts college in western Pennsylvania. I graduated from a big high school—550 per class—in 2012, meaning that following the four year plan, I would be finished with my college degree in May of 2016. However thanks to a lot of upper level courses in high school and one online summer course, I am able to graduate in December of 2015.

Now none of that is particularly fascinating for anyone except me and that is for one simple reason: This is my last spring semester of college.

A half hour ago I was eating lunch with a friend in the campus center when I casually mentioned, “this time next year I’ll be a college graduate.” He nodded and I laughed and the conversation switched back to non-life changing sentiments.

I’m not being overly sentimental…yet—I mean I still have a whole year, but it did get me to thinking of the different feels of different semesters.

By logistics, we have the same number of breaks.

Fall Semester brings Fall Break and Thanksgiving Break following by some hefty Finals and a triumphant send off to a month long winter holiday.

Spring returns with Spring Break and Easter Break before another grueling week of Finals and then summer vacation [aka, find a job/internship/figure out your life].

But the semesters just feel different. I tried to rationalize the difference but to no avail. They are simply different times with different ties and different lives.

Perhaps that is why, as I packed my backpack to return to Westminster College this past Sunday, it felt bittersweet. This is my last spring semester and with that comes all the “lasts” that come with any last event.

And while I’m sure I’ll be posting many, many more posts as I continue on this journey to graduation, I ask you to bear with me. 2015 is going to be a big year of change, transition, and growing up. Luckily, though, I know I have a good support system that will help me with anything life throws my way.

Love always,


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